Who do I sell my gemstones to?

THE GLOW GEM is happy to make an offer on your gemstones; we are happy to see previously sold gemstones again. We are also happy to offer consignment sales to our customers. Alternatives: major auction houses or other gem dealers and jewelers, depending on the size and value of your gemstones.

How does a sale basically work?

If you want to sell, whether to THE GLOW GEM or to another dealer: first send a scan of your gem certificate and photos of the gem; any reliable dealer will respond. NEVER hand over the gemstone together with the original certificate until you have received payment for the stone. A scan of the certificate is always sufficient for auction houses as well.

Do I sell as a private person with VAT?

No, you sell at a net price without having to pay VAT if you are a private person and not an entrepreneur.

Is the sale of the gemstone or the profit from the purchase and sale subject to income tax?

In Austria and Germany there is currently no income tax on the profit if you had the gemstone in your possession for more than one year.


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