Why invest in gemstones?

  • Gemstones are small and easy to transport and concentrate their value in a very small volume.
  • They are easy to pass on, for example to further generations.
  • They have been used to store wealth for over 5000 years.
  • Worldwide sources of gemstones (especially rubies and sapphires, but also diamonds) are becoming exhausted.
  • Earlier source countries in Asia as well as Russia are now creating high demand.
  • Auctions are raising market prices.
  • Naturally coloured gemstones have seen a constant, strong increase in value for over 40 years and are considered to be “non-volatile”, meaning they will hold their value securely.
  • Gemstones are traded internationally.
  • Gemstones from THE GLOW GEM are only sold along with an internationally recognized, independent certificate from a gemmological institute.
  • Gemstones are the most emotional way of storing wealth: nothing else of such high value can be worn so close to the skin and thus touched so often every day.
  • Gemstones are easy to store, require no effort and no servicing.
  • Gemstones have no metallic characteristics and are thus easy to hide.

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Market development and performance

Since 1995 the market prices for naturally coloured, untreated gemstones have at least tripled.

Rubies from Burma have increased in value ten-fold in 27 years,

while sapphires from Burma have increased almost eight-fold.

Long term, rubies and sapphires have performed considerably better than

both gold and the Dow Jones.

Naturally coloured, untreated gemstones are non-volatile

and are not affected by wordwide economic events.


THE GLOW GEM is your partner for investments in gemstones, with 30 years of experience in international gemstone dealing. We are the market leader in naturally coloured, untreated gemstones.


Fundamental factors for success

  • We have access to gemstones (coloured gemstones, coloured diamonds, white diamonds) of the very highest quality.
  • We specialise in naturally coloured, untreated gemstones.
  • Purchasing directly in the source countries (without middlemen) allows attractive prices for our clients.
  • We certify our goods to the highest standards worldwide.
  • We have 30 years of market experience.
  • We carry out exclusive, discreet searches for gemstones of every type.


Security for our clients and absolute discretion


The only complete service in Central Europe

  • Personal, first class and individual client consultation
  • Discrete delivery to any address incl. round-the-clock availability
  • External storage locations (e.g. duty free warehouse, high security storage)
  • Creation of individual high quality jewellery (wearable investment)
  • Organisation of suitable insurance
  • Repurchase or support with a desired resale.

Your investment

As client, you define


  • the investment sum
  • any preferences or exclusions
  • the delivery address and storage location.

The Natural Gem


  • suggests a suitable portfolio.
  • After complete payment, delivery is made to the relevant address.
  • From a planned investment of EUR 50 000 upwards, THE GLOW GEM offers individual client consultation in your own home.
  • On request, jewellery will be made to your specification.

We are looking forward to meeting you!